Economic Policy

Trump Tax Scam

Tax reform equals massive tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, resulting in massive spending cuts which could affect you. Use the following links to inform yourself about the budget process and what is being touted as tax reform and to take action to make your voice heard. Click […]

Cut and Runaway Roskam Wants to Cut Your Benefits Again

Representative Peter Roskam of the 6th District wants to cut the programs you depend on to pay for tax breaks targeted at corporations and the top earners of the United States. Representative Roskam voted in April to repeal and replace the ACA, voting to strip millions of their health care. […]

Take action on the Ryan-Brady Tax Plan

Just as the impetus behind the secretive AHCA is to give a tax break to the wealthy, so is the planned tax reform, also being worked on in secret. ┬áProgressives say that it is going to give tax breaks to the wealthy and the corporations. ┬áSenator Orrin Hatch and the […]