Teachers and Taxes

Teachers are very intelligent, well educated, compassionate and driven individuals who care deeply about their students and their success. They are also willing to make up the difference—out of their own pocket—to make sure their classrooms are the most ideal learning environment they can possibly create for their students. To […]

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Siege, Simplicity, and Superheroes

The education front in our country and states can be best described as “under siege”! Our incompetent Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, continues to undermine the general educational realm by making, or trying to make, unpopular, unjust, and unwanted decisions impacting teachers, students, and school districts. Although federally-funded voucher schemes, […]

Education Watch – Safeguarding Its Sanctity – Part 1

In an ongoing effort to apprise our readers of where American Public Education has been, is now, and what could happen under Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her belief in school choice, this first installment of Education Watch: Safeguarding its Sanctity, will bring attention to American education’s roots, struggles, […]


Education Watch – Update on Funding

EDUCATION WATCH–UPDATE ON FUNDING It is important to mention a few facts about ESSA (Every Student Success Act), launched three years ago by the NEA (National Education Association) as a new and impactful way for educators to motivate and teach. Two years ago, President Obama signed it into law, replacing […]

EDUCATION: The Bedrock Of Our Democracy

Public education is the bedrock of our democracy: an educated citizenry is essential to the functioning our government. And, yet, there are forces at work within this country that are trying to destabilize this most essential institution: public education. They are strangling funding, misrepresenting its mission and accomplishments, and sowing […]