Human & Civil Rights

Fighting for the Soul of Our Nation

The white supremacists have been trying to make this about statues, but it simply is not. We can take a note from Germany that does not have or allow Nazi flags or statues because the Nazis lost. They are confined to museums and textbooks for good reason. Personally, as a […]

Random Acts of Bigotry 1

┬áMost of us were a little taken back when President Trump announced that transgender individuals would no longer be allowed to enlist or serve in the military at the end of last month. Although the President said he had consulted with the Defense Department, the military leaders were blindsided by […]

Judy G. Russell Facebook Post on “Giving 45 a Chance”

The following is a reprint of a post by Judy G. Russell on Facebook from Feb. 19, 2017…. I realize that many people are “tired of political posts.” I get that, but also need to make my own position as clear as I can. I don’t know who wrote this, […]