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September 4th “came on like a dream, all peaches and cream” and stayed that way all day! Beautiful, sunny day at about 80 degrees!  Nearly 75 supporters, all dressed in denim with matching red polka dot headbands (compliments of ACE), came together behind the Indivisible Naperville Banner to “resist, persist, […]

Fighting for the Soul of Our Nation

The white supremacists have been trying to make this about statues, but it simply is not. We can take a note from Germany that does not have or allow Nazi flags or statues because the Nazis lost. They are confined to museums and textbooks for good reason. Personally, as a […]

What you need to know about immigration under Trump

America is a nation of immigrants. Since the early days of the Mayflower settlers, immigrants from all over the world have made this land their home. They helped build America into a strong and vibrant nation and a symbol of freedom and liberty for the world. However, immigrants and refugees […]

EDUCATION: The Bedrock Of Our Democracy

Public education is the bedrock of our democracy: an educated citizenry is essential to the functioning our government. And, yet, there are forces at work within this country that are trying to destabilize this most essential institution: public education. They are strangling funding, misrepresenting its mission and accomplishments, and sowing […]

Paris Accords – What you need to know!   Recently updated !

I just want to make sure everyone knows a few things about Trump’s recent ridiculousness. The U.S. cannot pull out of the Paris Accords until 2020 officially and there are a huge number of steps he has to go through to make it official. A Lot like the Brexit situation. […]

Next General Meeting Oct. 24 @ Naperville Municipal Center 1   Recently updated !

This meeting starts at 7 pm with guest speaker Chris Kennedy, candidate for Governor of Illinois. Also scheduled to appear are Becky Anderson – Congressional 6th District and Kevin Oyakawa – DuPage County Board. Meeting will take place at the Naperville Municipal Center. Click here for details concerning this meeting, […]

Upcoming Events Planned… 1   Recently updated !

UPCOMING EVENTS Check out our upcoming events and get involved in the resistance. October 24th….Indivisible Naperville monthly meeting at the Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St..featuring candidates Chris Kennedy, Becky Anderson and Kevin Oyakawa. November 15…Indivisible Naperville monthly meeting at the Municipal Center, featuring candidates Dan Biss, Carole Cheney, and […]

A Study of Efforts to Repeal and Replace the ACA 2

A Comparison of the ACA and AHCA The following pdf compares ACA with AHCA as it pertains to insurance subsidies; the individual mandate; the employer mandate; essential health benefits; wellness; popular ACA market reforms; and much more. Rather than reading a digest of the article, click on this link to […]

JB Pritzker visits Indivisible Naperville!

Indivisible Naperville welcomed Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker to their monthly meeting on May 24th in Warrenville. He introduced himself by talking about the values that he received from his parents and his political mentors while he was a student.  He described how these values shaped who he is today […]

Assault Continues on the Affordable Care Act   Recently updated !

In late September the ACA survived yet another repeal attempt by the U.S. Senate. However, every time this happens, there is a tendency for supporters of the ACA to take a deep breath, celebrate the moment of victory, but then place that win on the back burner of our collective […]

Siege, Simplicity, and Superheroes

The education front in our country and states can be best described as “under siege”! Our incompetent Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, continues to undermine the general educational realm by making, or trying to make, unpopular, unjust, and unwanted decisions impacting teachers, students, and school districts. Although federally-funded voucher schemes, […]

What You Need to Know About Trump’s Tax Scam

Clearing 700K per year? If not, Trump’s Tax Scam will hurt you. How? The tax cuts will lower taxes for those who don’t need it and who don’t care about those who do, and will result in federal revenue being cut for public service programs like Medicare and Medicaid, among […]

Letter to Editor from Dana Bussing

The American College of Physicians, American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, American Academy of Pediatrics, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Osteopathic Association, and American Psychiatric Association all oppose the newest attempt at TrumpCare—the Graham-Cassidy bill. This bill allows discrimination against those with pre-existing conditions (52% of adults under age […]

Stop Graham-Cassidy

What can you do NOW to defeat the Graham-Cassidy Bill (Trumpcare 2.0)? The Graham-Cassidy Bill is the current effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and it is just as dangerous, if not more so. John McCain, the deciding vote against the Senate’s last attempt to repeal ACA, has indicated […]

Trump Tax Scam

Tax reform equals massive tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations, resulting in massive spending cuts which could affect you. Use the following links to inform yourself about the budget process and what is being touted as tax reform and to take action to make your voice heard. Click […]

The Current State of Medicaid in Illinois

Illinois expanded its Medicaid program in 2013. Governor Bruce Rauner (R) stated in 2014 that had he been in office then, “he would not have approved the expansion, but that he would not push for an end to its expansion.”[2] Medicaid expansion has provided affordable healthcare to a greater number […]