Daily Archives: June 19, 2017

Public education is the bedrock of our democracy: an educated citizenry is essential to the functioning our government. And, yet, there are forces at work within this country that are trying to destabilize this most essential institution: public education. They are strangling funding, misrepresenting its mission and accomplishments, and sowing […]

EDUCATION: The Bedrock Of Our Democracy

In November of 2012, after 20 years together, my then partner and I had a civil union ceremony. My now wife wanted to invite more people than the facility allowed but I explained that our “wedding” did not need to represent the entire LGBT revenue stream in DuPage County for […]

ERA-The 2 State Solution

I just want to make sure everyone knows a few things about Trump’s recent ridiculousness. The U.S. cannot pull out of the Paris Accords until 2020 officially and there are a huge number of steps he has to go through to make it official. A Lot like the Brexit situation. […]

Paris Accords – What you need to know!