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So, let’s talk about sexual harassment! Not even sure where to begin, but it’s certainly does not start with the 13 sexual harassment accusations leveled against our current president, nor does it end with Al Franken’s accuser! It begins so much earlier than either of these occurrences, perhaps with the […]

Sexual Harassment

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Teachers are very intelligent, well educated, compassionate and driven individuals who care deeply about their students and their success. They are also willing to make up the difference—out of their own pocket—to make sure their classrooms are the most ideal learning environment they can possibly create for their students. To […]

Teachers and Taxes

The Coalition for a Better Illinois 6th organized the Peter Roskam Roasts the Middle Class protest in Downers Grove last Thursday. Hundreds of concerned citizens and taxpayers voiced their opposition to HR1, a wildly regressive tax plan that burdens the poor and the middle class while enriching the 1% and […]

Roskam Protest