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Although the Senate managed to debate immigration matters during the week of February 13, no bill to protect DREAMers emerged from those deliberations. The March 5 deadline imposed by Donald Trump is now advancing inexorably, while 122 DREAMers every day lose the protection from deportation that President Obama had extended […]

Immigration Update

Imagine 17 students—all from the same school—suddenly dropping dead from a mysterious infectious disease. It’s a good bet that Congress would somehow produce research funds to prevent that horror from ever re-occurring. Not so with gun violence. For the past 22 years, CDC research on gun violence has been halted. […]

Research Desperately Needed to Learn How to Prevent Gun Deaths ...

I receive The (WaPo) Health 202 in my email box, so based on two recent posts, I’d like to report on drug costs and drug treatment plans today. Let’s talk about drug prices first, name-brand versus generic. Congress is ignoring a real potential change to drug pricing, even though it […]

Update on Drug Costs and Pharma, and Proposed Opioid Treatment

A COMPENDIUM OF INFORMATION FOR THE PRIMARY AND GENERAL ELECTIONS https://www.dupageco.org/Election/Candidates_and_Campaigns/37053/ This is the official website of the DuPage County Election Commission. Go here to find an unofficial list of candidates, to find your polling place, to vote by mail, or even to register to vote online. http://www.thewillcountyclerk.com/elections/elections/ Go here […]

General Election Voter Information