A Litany for My Country

A Litany for My Country

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From Ghoulies and Ghosties,

Long Leggitie Beasties,

And things that go Bump in the night,

Good Lord, Deliver us.

From a peasants’ litany—Cornwall, c1500

Print designed by Nancy Wills

For the palpable sorrow of parents, spouses, and families, grieving for a child killed in military service to my country, dear Lord, grant them the peace of humble, graceful, and grateful condolences.

For American citizens still suffering from the loss of their homes in recent storms, dear Lord, grant them the relief of potable water, food, medicine, electricity and other services necessary for a sense of security and wellbeing as full and equal members of our national family.

For Americans living with the anxiety of losing their health care, good Lord, grant the legislators seated on the health panels, the grace of intelligent compassion.

For American women who desire full equality and freedom to control their bodies and their lives, good Lord, grant them this right guaranteed and protected in law.

For immigrants in our country who have contributed to the economy and brought their talents to America’s community table, good Lord, send reason to the legislators who will decide their future, so these, your children, may continue their dream to live here in peace.

For Americans who live in fear of discrimination based on how they worship and serve you, good Lord, grant them comfort and support from their local, state and national communities.

For LGBTQ Americans who contribute to the rich diversity of our modern world, good Lord, grant us the capacity to listen, understand, welcome, and love them as members of our national community.

For the continued beauty of the earth and its limited resources, dear Lord, grant us the spiritual energy to move minds and hearts to protect our planet for all and in perpetuity.

From the potential collapse of world order from a nuclear war, dear Lord, deliver us and grant our leaders the wisdom to avoid catastrophe and assure a permanent peace.

And finally, dear Lord, though the Civil Rights Act was signed into law over 40 years ago, grant us all the courage to speak out against intrinsic bigotry and racism and for love and justice for Americans with brown or black skin.


These are my prayers for America’s ghosts.

Submitted by: Beverly George, co-chair of the Healthcare Committee