If a person has the strength and resilience to travel over 1000 miles while carrying their children with them, that is the kind of person I certainly want in my community and in my country.  But the current administration is perpetuating a myth that those fleeing violence in Central America […]

Immigration Debate Needs Truthful Data, Not Fear Mongering

“Yay, no more baby internment camps, just regular internment camps! Ha ha ha, cool! That’s what we call a win in 2018.” Samantha Bee, 06/20/2018. Yes, separating toddlers from families was horrible, and we’re glad it’s allegedly over (although we’ll wait to make sure it really is over, and we’ll […]

Protest Inhumane Zero Tolerance Policy

Immigration in Trumpland, Year 2 May, 2018 As deportations spiral upward, and as plans to bar different groups of immigrants from the US appear on Friday evenings with some regularity, I find myself appalled by the level of cruelty these changes to our immigration policy create. How can we reasonably […]

An update on Immigration

Although the Senate managed to debate immigration matters during the week of February 13, no bill to protect DREAMers emerged from those deliberations. The March 5 deadline imposed by Donald Trump is now advancing inexorably, while 122 DREAMers every day lose the protection from deportation that President Obama had extended […]

Immigration Update

America is a nation of immigrants. Since the early days of the Mayflower settlers, immigrants from all over the world have made this land their home. They helped build America into a strong and vibrant nation and a symbol of freedom and liberty for the world. However, immigrants and refugees […]

What you need to know about immigration under Trump