Cut and Runaway Roskam Wants to Cut Your Benefits Again

Representative Peter Roskam of the 6th District wants to cut the programs you depend on to pay for tax breaks targeted at corporations and the top earners of the United States.

Representative Roskam voted in April to repeal and replace the ACA, voting to strip millions of their health care. Not content with voting to deny his constituents the health care benefits they depend on, Peter Roskam is currently in California at the Reagan Ranch with other Republican members of the Ways and Means Committee, working once again to cut your benefits. They say that spending cuts are needed to provide tax cuts to the corporations and the wealthy.

Although Roskam recently said, “Tax Reform is about changing the economic reality for everyday people for the better,” it will be expensive, and will rely on spending cuts to the programs Americans need to make up for the revenue lost in cutting tax rates on corporations and the one percent.

According to The Center for Responsive Politics, 95% of Roskam’s campaign contributions come from Large Donors and PACs, making him more beholden to his donors than to his voters. In return for their contributions, Roskam supports their special interests and loopholes, allowing them to gain at your expense.

Submitted By
Nancy Turner, Chairperson
Economics Committee

Nancy Turner