Immigration Update

Although the Senate managed to debate immigration matters during the week of February 13, no bill to protect DREAMers emerged from those deliberations. The March 5 deadline imposed by Donald Trump is now advancing inexorably, while 122 DREAMers every day lose the protection from deportation that President Obama had extended to them. Even though no legislation is currently pending, it’s vital that we call Senators Durbin and Duckworth to let them know we support #DREAMActNow.

If no legislation passes by March 5, nearly 800,000 young people will lose their legal status IN THE ONLY NATION THEY KNOW AS HOME. They will be forced either to leave the US or to live in the shadows. Without legislation, retrieving any opportunity to petition for regular status or legal residence in the nation they call “home” will become virtually impossible for them. Would you want this to happen to any young person who was important to you?

If you are seriously interesting in immigration issues, please visit – this is the advocacy webpage from my professional group NAFSA: Association of International Educators. The page includes advocacy tools such as form letters and automatic tweets to Members of Congress. (The automatic tweeting function is amazing, and almost unbelievable!)

When the current President advocates for “merit” immigration, I think first of the DREAMers, who by definition have demonstrated merit in order to gain this temporary status. Please let your Members of Congress know where you stand!

Deb Pierce

February 23, 2018