JB Pritzker visits Indivisible Naperville!

Indivisible Naperville welcomed Democratic gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker to their monthly meeting on May 24th in Warrenville. He introduced himself by talking about the values that he received from his parents and his political mentors while he was a student.  He described how these values shaped who he is today and his position as a progressive.

He  explained that the difference between him and Governor Rauner, who are both wealthy venture capitalists, is not money but values.  What Rauner views as expenses to be cut he views as investments.  For example, JB views social services, which Rauner has shredded, as an investment in realizing the potential of every citizen and neighborhood in Illinois to become a greater community.  JB believes that it is an investment in our future to fund higher education, not an expense that we can’t afford. Pritzker told of his accomplishments in various areas, such as early childhood education and civil rights.  For more than 20 years he has been a national leader in these activities.  Some of the programs he either started as an entrepreneur or contributed to are The First Five Years, Share our Strength, the Wrongful Conviction Center, and The Child and Family Justice Center. He was a major fundraiser for the Illinois Holocaust Museum in Skokie. JB attributes his strong sense of social justice and fairness to his parents.

JB will run a primary and general campaign at the same time. He believes that in 2018 the gubernatorial and legislative races will see unprecedented amounts of money poured into the Republican races by various dark money groups affiliated with the Koch Brothers. He believes that it is critical for progressives to regain the governor’s office to restore the social services safety net, properly fund education including higher education, grow jobs (which has been an anemic .5% rate under Rauner), fund pensions properly, and promote unions, which give us a strong middle class.

Indivisible Naperville plans to invite the other democratic gubernatorial candidates to future meetings.–

-Submitted by Nancy Turner

Nancy Turner