September 4th “came on like a dream, all peaches and cream” and stayed that way all day! Beautiful, sunny day at about 80 degrees!  Nearly 75 supporters, all dressed in denim with matching red polka dot headbands (compliments of ACE), came together behind the Indivisible Naperville Banner to “resist, persist, participate and prevail”!  We are pushing back against the attempts by this current administration and their followers to roll back the clock on the progressive reforms we have come to expect in America.  We received an amazingly positive reception from those on the parade route, folks often standing and chanting with us, especially to the following chant:

No Hate, No Fear…Immigrants Are Welcome Here!

Fellow activist and my husband, Fred Greenwood, manned the megaphone and kept us all energized and focused with just 4 chants, including one that was comprised of just one word: 2018!  Barb O’Meara and Beth Wendt created the 8 posters that were held by volunteers and spelled out the ultimate message we wished to convey:

The Democracy We Save May Be Our Own

Included among our marchers were candidates Laura Ellman (State Senate 21) and Lauren Underwood (Congressional 14) both of whom will be presenting themselves at the next Indivisible Naperville meeting on September 13 at 6:30 PM at the Nichols Library.  Kevin Oyakawa, candidate for the DuPage County Board, District 5, also walked with us and will be presenting his campaign to the Indivisible Naperville group in October.  Congressman Foster stopped by to say hello prior to the march and was, of course, warmly received!

Members from so many resistance groups joined our efforts, including the following:

  • ACE (Act Connect Engage)
  • Indivisible Aurora
  • Our Voice (Glen Ellyn)
  • Naperville Women’s March Action
  • Indivisible DuPage (joined us for the post parade party)

Following the parade, those who wished came together at the Craftsman in downtown Naperville to share some social time together. It was a meaningful and memorable experience to see how appreciated we felt by so many along the route!

Respectfully submitted,

Dianne McGuire, Co-Founder of Indivisible Naperville