“The U.K., The Economy and Climate Change”

Sometimes when we are trying to evaluate our understanding of something, it is helpful to look outside our bubble and see what is there. To learn and ask, am I grounded in my position and can I defend it? And, does my position closely mirror the prevailing wisdom? And then lastly, do I need to do the really hard thing and change my stance altogether? Corporate and small business teams do this all across America, as do international firms, when they are developing corporate policy. They look to respected peers in similar markets with similar logistics, characteristics and other important categorizations.  To not do so, an entity would certainly jeopardize legitimacy. Many would argue that when it comes to climate change and our environment, President Trump and his administration fall squarely in the last category, that of needing to change both their present and future policy thinking.

Below is a link to an article by Sir Nicholas Soames, a Conservative member of the UK Parliament since 1983 and grandson to Sir Winston Churchill.


Submitted by:
Beth Wendt