What You Need to Know About Trump’s Tax Scam

What you need to know about Trump’s Tax Scam—a bill that will fundamentally change America through the loss of federal revenue that will automatically require cuts to social programs like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the EPA, etc, when the deficit is raised.

Clearing 700K per year? If not, Trump’s Tax Scam will hurt you. How?

The tax cuts will lower taxes for those who don’t need it and who don’t care about those who do, and will result in federal revenue being cut for public service programs like Medicare and Medicaid, among others. Some could see their taxes rise, especially with the removal of the state and local tax deductions currently allowed.

Inform yourself about Trump’s Tax Scam by reading this blog by one of the most respected American economists.

Krugman recounts and refutes the 10 biggest lies associated with the Trump Tax Scam, starting with the U.S. being the most highly taxed nation (it’s not) and ending with the lie that the tax cuts will pay for themselves (another version of Reagan’s “voodoo” trickle-down economics).


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Submitted by Nancy Turner, chair of the Economic Policy committee